2017 Staff Members:

Paul U. - Drill Master

Kim G. - Team Liaison 

The Florida Gulf Coast Drill Team consists of HOG Chapter members that represent Bert's Barracuda Harley Davidson and the Florida Gulf Coast HOG and are proud to do so. At our performances, we strive to do our best because we understand we are an extension of Bert's Barracuda and our HOG Chapter. The team originated in 2000 and was formed by a retired Hillsborough police officer who was a member of the Motor Patrol of the Shriner’s organization. Our team members are a diverse group of men and women who love to get the most out of riding and their motorcycles and have fun doing it. We have the support of Bert's Barracuda HD, FLGCHOG, spouses and friends that enables us to perform in many different venues. Each year brings changes to the group with new riders, different types of motorcycles, new routines, etc. This creates a challenge for our Drill Master, Paul Underberg, to create well choreographed performances filled with intricate and precise maneuvers that are fun to perform and breathtaking to watch. One can appreciate the discipline it takes to ride in a tight formation with confidence in your fellow team members to execute awe inspiring routines. Each member that performs on the team strengthens their riding skills and gains more confidence in themselves. The Florida Gulf Coast Drill Team has also participated in numerous charitable events throughout the years, such as MDA and Jim's Memorial Toy Run.

Florida Gulf Coast
Harley Owners' Group (#4101)
Est. 1988

2016 Members:

Mike Ellis, Kim Gagliardo, Nik Goldberg, Dave Pooler, 

John Shirley, Elayne Turner & Paul Underberg  

2017 Drill Team